A Malevolent Apparatus

Reclaim the Power Accelerator

Scratch, Stavian, and Delic arrived back at the AST and threw Bandage Man in their holding cell. The AST then turned their attention towards the recovery of the power accelerator. Time was running out to find it before the Alethia could sell it.

Claire went to a high-end social club to get some information. She was able to talk to Mr. Vladamir and an important nationalist to get some clues. This effort took Claire late into the night.

Meanwhile Delic, figuring that Rockman was involved, decided to “look in” on him telepathically. He noted that he was on the move at this late hour, going into a secluded area below one of the train lines. Scratch, Delic, and Claire quickly headed across town, searching for a train station that matched the vision in Delic’s head. Fortunately Stratch’s experience with this part of the city allowed them to find the correct station. They found a temporary black market, the entrance of which was being guarded by two goblins. Claire befriended one of the goblins (“Dobby”) with talk of maggot cheese (don’t ask), and they went inside. Claire was accosted by Dr. Jackal, Stratch went chasing after a pink bunny, and Delic looked unsuccessfully for Mr. Rockman. On the way out, they noticed Rolf (Hans’s brother) leaving with a pair of hirelings.

The trio followed Rolf to the street and tried to share a cab with him, but Rolf proved rude and didn’t do the courteous thing. Delic was able to get onto the cab in the confusion, and stay on the cab until Rolf & company disembarked at Rolf’s house. Delic was also able to determine that one of the minions had a backpack with housed an extradimensional space… possibly one large enough for the power accelerator.

Scratch in the meantime had run into a gang, The Mollusks, that didn’t appreciate his continued survival. Claire backed away while Scratch was able to rout the attackers.

The 3 characters headed back to the AST to ponder the next steps.


Was the name of the nationalist Bruce Wayne?

Reclaim the Power Accelerator

The Nationalist is Rain Henderson. Henderson is old Exelican aristocracy, extremely wealthy and a dislikes the overflow of refugees in Exelica. It’s clear he believes that among the refugees is a threat to Exelica’s security. You’re pretty sure he’s part of The Dark Knights, a secret society of aristocrats who’ve taken Exelica’s security into their own hands.

Bruce Wayne is the Dark Knight that Claire spoke with and was able to convince to work with the AST.

Reclaim the Power Accelerator

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