A Malevolent Apparatus

Wrecking the Deal

October 18, Year 25 – Word on the street was there was a big deal brewing on the night of October 18, Year 25. The AST hit the streets of Exelica and got Josephine to use her connections with the refugee underground to thwart much of The Alethea’s subterfuge. A key to the operation was Claire striking an agreement with The Dark Knights, via her conversation with the aristocrat Rain Henderson the night before at The Decanter (an upscale lounge). Coordinating efforts with Bruce Wayne of The Dark Knights allowed them to out-maneuver the opposition.

They tracked The Fence and obtained the location of the deal, a warehouse in the always muddy, even during a drought neighborhood of Maxfield’s Parrish. It was where the Black Market was held the previous night.

The Fence turned out to be Dr. Jackal and Jason Rockman, with The Alethea in tow. Having set an ambush in the warehouse, the AST handily took them down, calling in Maes Hughes and his forces to capture them before any of them could escape.

This concluded the operation. Hughes now had the Amplifier. He gladly paid the AST for their trouble and offered them a chance at another job.


XP + 4 (Claire, Delic, Scratch, Specs, Stavian)



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