Member of The Black Pentad


Cruelty is a tiefling female who belongs to The Black Pentad, an arcane order sponsored by the Nobuzerri Merchant House. She is the only female of the order and appears to be the youngest of the five arcanists of The Black Pentad. As a house arcanist, the easiest place to find her would be in Kulta Seina attending to her duty at the Nobuzerri Compound. She is tall for a tiefling female and appears to be fond of silver jewelry.

So far Cruelty appears to be receptive to Alera’s interest. She and Alera have enjoyed each other for one night.

Cruelty also received the three corpses of the Face Eaters from Reis in exchange for halting the sealing ritual which would have closed off the facility on the campus grounds.


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