Dr. Jackal

A transporter, a psychopath, a rival to the All-Star Troubleshooters


Defining Aspect:

Character Aspect:
Consummate Professional
Killing Is Joyful
Blink of an Eye
Murderous Surgeon

Physical Mental Social
Agility: 4 Craft: 2 Deception: 2
Endurance: 4 Knowledge: 2 Empathy: 2
Perception: 2 Reasoning: 2 Persuasion: 2
Strength: 2 Willpower: 2 Resources: 2
Physical Track: 6 Mental Track: 4 Social Track: 4

Specialty Aspects:
Deadly Precise Incision (Agility)
108 Hidden Scalpels (Reasoning)
Guild of Surgeons (Persuasion)
Obsessive (Willpower)
Prone to Monologuing (Persuasion)


Aura of Terror (Attack Roll + 8)
Power Aspect: Infernal Aura
Base AP Cost: 2AP
Activation Difficulty: 4
Activation Time: Simple Action, Activates as an attack.
Power Source: Infernal
Affinity Ability: Endurance

Has the ability to instill a sense of terror. Attack with Affinity Ability with an Edge Rating equal to Affinity Ability. The target may resist with Willpower. If the attack generates a consequence, the consequence must be fear related.

In addition, you may use this power to perform a maneuver. Endurance vs. Willpower. If you succeed, the target gains the Anxious aspect for a number of rounds equal to the difference.

[Terrify (2AP); Strenuous (0AP)]

Custom Stress Track
Bloodlust (Endurance).

Deadly Grace
Use Agility instead of Strength for Melee and Unarmed Attacks.

+2 on Willpower rolls vs. fear.

Firing Discipline
+2 on Reasoning Rolls to avoid running out of ammo.

Hidden Compartment
Base AP Cost: 1AP

Storm of Blades (Attack Roll + 5, WR + 6)
Power Aspect: Infernal Knives
Base AP Cost: 5AP
Activation Difficulty: 4
Activation Time: Free Action (Attack or Maneuver as a Simple Action)
Power Source: Infernal
Affinity Ability: Endurance

Dr. Jackal throws scalpels that are hidden on his body. He can attack a single target, do a beam sweep (attack roll, -1 for first target, -2 for second, etc.) or a full auto burst (WR is increased by +3).

After a beam sweep, Reasoning vs. Number of Targets + 1. If the check fails, can’t use Storm of Blades next round.

After a full auto burst, Reasoning vs. Difficulty of 2. If the check fails, can’t use Storm of Blades next round.

[Power Attack, Ranged (2AP); Improved Weapon Rating (1AP); Beam or Full Auto (1AP); Precise Strike (+1)]


Dr. Jackal

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