Face Eater

A tiny aberrant creature with domination powers.


Face Eater is a tiny bipedal aberrant creature measuring two feet long from head to tail or about a foot tall when standing upright. It is a slender creature with long sinewy limbs. Half of its mass comes from a disproportionately large head that contains an amorphous mouth covered with razor sharp teeth.

Face Eater leaps toward the head of its prey, using its long arms and claws to grab on. Once it has a creature grappled, the Face Eater’s amorphous mouth stretches over the target’s face, sinks its teeth in which twitch and scrape the skin away. After the face has been consumed it begins burrowing into the target via the victim’s mouth. Slick with blood, the Face Eater has little trouble sliding into the victim and taking over physical control.

Face Eater

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