Georg Hegel

A scientist secretly experimenting on school children.


Defining Aspect:
Respected Scientist

Character Aspects:
Public Education Guild Luminary

Specialty Aspects:
Edmund Cooper (Resources)
Human Biology (Knowledge)


Hegel’s experiments were responsible for the deaths of at least 14 miners.

Hegel is experimenting on his students at Mining Hill Academy, one of the new public schools in the working class neighborhood of Maxfield’s Parish. Given his apparent indifference to people of the working class, the lives of his students are likely in danger.

Tim and Damien have introduced themselves to Hegel at a lecture that he held at The Rosehip. They posed as a team of investors. Hegel’s interest was captured when Damien mentioned a Serum. Tim and Hegel have exchanged business cards. Tim’s card was obviously for one of his aliases.

Georg Hegel

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