A brooding gunman, mourning the loss of his bride.


Defining Aspect:
Brooding Gun Mage

Character Aspect:
Avenge Loss of Family
Expelled from the War Mage’s Guild
You Will Not Kill Me
I’m Already Dead
Guns Akimbo (P)

Physical Mental Social
Agility: 4 Craft: 2 Deception: 2
Endurance: 2 Knowledge: 2 Empathy: 2
Perception: 2 Reasoning: 2 Persuasion: 2
Strength: 2 Willpower: 2 Resources: 2
Physical Track: 4 Mental Track: 4 Social Track: 4

Specialty Aspects:
Master of Handguns(P) (Agility)
Gun Defense (Agility)
War Mage Guild (Reasoning)
Guns, To My Hands (Agility)
Dr. Jackal (Persuasion)
Stubborn as a Mule (Empathy)

Expert Advantages

  • Ambush Predator – +2 bonus of Physical Attacks vs. ambushed opponent
  • Free Runner – +2 bonus on Agility to traverse difficult environments
  • Fearless – +2 bonus on Willpower to defend against fear
  • Longshot – increase range of firearms by 1

Heroic Advantages

  • Experienced
  • Guns Akimbo – gain the persistent Aspect Guns Akimbo (P)
  • He Was Just Here – When you are not being directly observed you may roll Agility vs. Difficulty 3. If you succeed, spend a FP to remove yourself from the scene.

Power Advantages (Power Source, Arcana 4)

Cursed Bullets (Activation 4; Free Action immediately after a successful ranged attack)
Roll: Arcana vs. Endurance
Effect: The target is imbued with one of the following persistent Aspects: Sickened(P), Slowed(P) or Weakened(P)
[Imbue Creature (Slow) (3AP), Others Only (-1AP); Conditional Trigger (-1AP), Reactive Trigger (2AP); Limitation, Guns Only (-1AP)]

Handgun Master
Gain the Master of Handguns(P) (Agility) Specialty Aspect.
[Weapon Mastery (2AP)]

[Weakness, Cannot Lie +2AP]

Attack Montag .451 (+8; WR + 4; Range 3; Limited Ammo, Small)

Defense Red Steel Mesh Backed Vest (AR + 2; Has 3 Stress Boxes, Inconspicuous)



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