Mr. Vladimir

All-Star Troubleshooter business partner.


Defining Aspect:
Well Connected Man

Racial Aspect:

Character Aspects:
Fey Lineage
Has the Upper Hand
Mysterious Past

Specialty Aspects:
Influential Allies (Persuasion)
Untouchable (Deception)


Mr. Vladimir is a tall slender man with piercing blue eyes. He dresses fashionably, fond of black suits and always wears black leather gloves. He is in his mid 20s and an Exelican native.

He offered his connections to The All-Star Trouble Shooters in exchange for half of what the client would pay. The team agreed. He is considered an asset.

Damien has started an investigation on Mr. Vladimir:

  • Mr. Vladimir is not his real name, but it is his public name. This is his only known alias.
  • He has a reputation for honesty and never breaking his word.
  • Damien suspects Mr. Vladimir is cunning in his maneuvers, managing to keep himself clean of some events where he believes Vladimir played two sides against each other. There is no proof of this.
  • Mr. Vladimir came to Exelica two years ago. He has no permanent residence, but is staying at a villa owned by a wealthy banker named Danglars.

Mr. Vladimir

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