Mysterious Parchment

Words written on this parchment appear on others to which it is linked.


A stack of fine writing parchment found at Lord Simón’s Home in Vigrid. The Mysterious Parchment was owned by a trio of “human” monks that were connected to Erdan Vaerlisses. The monks carried a cargo of eggs, which the party suspects are from where a Face Eater comes.

The Mysterious Parchment is a communication device. When one writes on the top sheet of parchment, the writing appears on any stacks of parchment that it is linked to. Bartok knows that this stack of parchment is linked to at least one other, but who owns the stack isn’t known at the moment. The enchantment appears to be on the stack of paper itself as an entity, rather than individual sheets of enchanted parchment. Once removed from the stack the parchment is just a normal writing surface.


The emissary will arrive in 7 to 10 days. (January 8, Year 20)

The last known message of the Mysterious Parchment before it was acquired by the party was written in Supernal:

Was it successful?
Yes, the eggs have been planted in the harbor.


Mysterious Parchment

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