Several regions on Kiru have been covered by Echogenesis Zones. The towns, cities and kingdoms that existed before the advent of these zones ceased to exist to the rest of Kiru. The zones are impenetrable. The largest Echogenesis Zones are shown below (click the map for a larger version):

Kiru small

Kiru is one side of the earth, which is flat. The two halves of the world have never been on the same plane of existence. The oceans extend beyond the map in all directions. Several small islands are likely to exist in the unmapped waters, but little is known about them, such as whether or not they survived The Arrival.

The four continents had little contact with the far-off islands before The Arrival and the turbulence of the seas since then have effectively shut down nautical exploration of the areas beyond where sea captains believe is safe to sail.


Elismaat spans six thousand miles from east to west, if it were possible to travel across Elismaat in a straight line. An Echogenesis Zone effectively cuts Nordglund off from the sub-continents of Lacrima and Astaarlai. The three sub-continents of Elismmat are distinct from one another in culture and terrain.


Western nordglund small

The sub-continent of Nordglund is the most densely populated of the land masses on Kiru. Those who weren’t born in Nordglund will note how damp with yesterday’s rainfall the earth always seems to be. The roads of Nordglund are mostly in serviceable condition if one is careful with their mount or wears sturdy boots that are good in the mud. Sea, rail and Way Gates are also travel alternatives, though these can be expensive and limited options.


Some refer to Sola as the continent that was spirited away. The historical record shows that Sola and the waters surrounding it had disappeared for a millennium only to re-emerge a little over a century ago. The two sub-continents are Aeristhiid and Urza Major.


Civilization hasn’t taken hold on Somus in the way it has on the other continents of Kiru. Only the northeast corner of the continent has any sense of city and state, where laws support societies that can be concerned with more than survival. In some ways, the large echogenesis zone in the northeast corner of Somus has created a defense for those living there after The Arrival, as it cuts it off from the rest of the continent. The rest of Somus is a wild frontier where orcs and giants control the majority of the land and barbarian tribes fight to stay alive.



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