Bazaar of Weird Science

The Bazaar of Weird Science

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

The cartographer by iisketc

The Bazaar does not exist on a single block near a specific station. That would just invite low-grade thieves and crowd The Bazaar with gawkers who would never have the coin to buy a single thing. For those who know where to look or who to contact, there is another class of goods beyond the mundane.

All items in The Bazaar require spending Reward Points in addition to the Resources roll, indicated by the + X in the Cost column.

  1. Armor
  2. Consumables
  3. Weapons
  4. Wondrous Items

These are just a sample of items available at The Bazaar.


There is no armor against fate.
—James Shirley

Armor Power Item Potency Cost Notes
Inscribed Middle Class Daywear 5 10 + 1 Tailored
Inscribed Middle Class Eveningwear 5 10 + 2 Tailored, Stylish
Mesh Backed Vest, Inscribed 5 10 + 4 Inconspicuous

Inscribed Middle Class Daywear
Potency: 5
A proper suit, enchanted with a bit of magic to give a man a bit of protection in any line of work.

  • Armor Rating + 2
  • Aspects: Tailored

Inscribed Middle Class Eveningwear
Potency: 5
Not all business takes place during the day and sometimes business comes with pleasure.

  • Armor Rating + 2
  • Aspects: Stylish, Tailored

Mesh Backed Vest, Inscribed
Potency: 5

  • Armor Rating + 2; Has 3 Stress Boxes
  • Aspects: Inconspicuous



Power Item, Consumable Potency Cost Notes
Glue Pot 1 2 + 1 Consumable
Alchemist Fire 2 4 + 2 Consumable
Healing Draught 2 4 + 1 Consumable

Alchemist Fire
Potency: 2
A small dual chambered vial filled with chemicals that when they mix explode.

  • Simple Action (Attack, Throw)
  • Targets all creatures in zone.
  • Alchemist Fire (ExR + 4 vs. Endurance)

Glue Pot
Potency: 1
Throw this small pot at a charging foe to stop them in their tracks.

  • Simple Action (Attack, Throw)
  • Range 1; Agility + 2 vs. Agility.
  • Effect: If you hit, the target cannot move. The margin of success sets the difficulty of the Strength roll they mus make to break free, which is a Simple Action. The binding lasts until the end of the scene or the target breaks free.

Healing Draught
Potency: 2
A small vial of blue liquid that smells like a mixture of honey and garlic.

  • Effect: Immediately downgrade your worst physical Consequence by one step. This may force other Consequences to downgrade as well.



Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.
—Ani DiFranco

Weapon Power Item Potency Cost Notes
Tesla Projectile Buzzer 4 8 + 2 Lightning Mechanica Device
Shockingly Rocking Knuckles 5 10 + 2 Lightning Mechanica Gloves
Brave Fencer’s Sword 6 12 + 2 Arcane Enchanted Sword
Incendiary Marengo D-Egg Triple 6 12 + 2 Arcane Fire Pistol
Dark Montag .451 8 16 + 3 Dark Gifted Pistol
Lightning Gloves 10 20 + 4 Lightning Mechanica Gloves

Brave Fencer’s Sword
Potency: 6
Power Aspect: Arcane Enchanted Sword
Finely crafted and ornately etched, the Brave Fencer’s Sword was enchanted with speed to deflect the impact of weapon attacks.

  • Rapier (WR + 5, Quick)
  • Gain an Armor Rating + 5 vs. weapon attacks. This armor rating does not stack with normal armor. If you have advantages or other items that provide AR, the AR granted by the Brave Fencer’s Sword is considered Light Armor for determining if the AR stack.

Dark Montag .451
Potency: 8
Power Aspect: Dark Gift Pistol
This sinister Montag .451 is imbued with the power of demonic malice.

  • Montag .451 (WR + 7; Range 2; Limited Ammo, Small)
  • Doom: Spend a Fate Point. Free action when you hit with an attack from this weapon. Make a second attack; Persuasion or Arcana vs. Willpower. If you succeed, the target is imbued with the persistent Aspect Doomed(P) for the rest of the scene.

Incendiary Marengo D-Egg Triple
Potency: 6
Power Aspect: Arcane Fire Weapon
This version of the absurdly stylish three barreled flintlock increases the velocity of the rounds which explode on impact.

  • Marengo D-Egg Triple (Agility vs. Agility or Perception; Weapon Rating + 6; Range 1; Slow Firing(P); Small; Stylish; Explosive Rounds)

Lightning Gloves
Potency: 10
Power Aspect: Lightning Mechanica Gloves
These gloves are fitted with conductive metal studs that surround the wielders fists with lightning.

  • Weapon Rating + 4
  • Shocking(P)
  • Sucker Punch: Spend a Fate Point whenever you successfully strike an opponent. Roll Strength vs. Endurance. If you succeed the target is imbued with the Numbed(P) Aspect for the duration of the scene.

Shockingly Rocking Knuckles
Potency: 5
Power Aspect: Lightning Mechanica Gloves
This fine pair of gloves is fitted with small metal studs, which can also send an electric shock to an opponent.

  • Weapon Rating + 2
  • Sucker Punch: Spend a Fate Point whenever you successfully strike an opponent. Roll Strength vs. Endurance. If you succeed the target is imbued with the Numbed(P) Aspect for the duration of the scene.

Tesla Projectile Buzzer
Potency: 4
Power Aspect: Lightning Mechanica Device
This device has two buttons. One to launch the electrodes and another to retract the launched electrodes back into the device. The rapid retraction of the electrodes spins a wheel inside the device which helps recharge the electro shock capability.

  • Taser (Agility vs. Agility; Weapon Rating + 4; Range 2)
  • Brain Fry: Spend a Fate Point whenever you successfully strike an opponent. Roll Reasoning vs. Willpower. If you succeed the target is imbued with the Numbed(P) Aspect for the duration of the scene.


Wondrous Items

Magic trick: to make people disappear, ask them to fulfill their promises.
—Mason Cooley

by AmbassadorMann

Wondrous Power Item Potency Cost Notes
Parker’s Wall Walkers 1 2 + 2 Wondrous Boots and Gloves
Gremlin Sand 2 4 + 2 Mechanica Disruption Sand
Icarus Wings, Version 2 3 6 + 2 Metal Mechanica Wings
Jar of Steam 3 6 + 2 Arcane Steam Pot
Shinra’s Goggles 3 6 + 2 Sensory Mechanica Device
Cloak of Invisibility 4 8 + 2 Arcane Illusion Cloak
Heward’s Handy Haversack 6 12 + 2 Arcane Extra Dimensional Space

Cloak of Invisibility
Potency: 4
Power Aspect: Arcane Illusion Cloak
This nondescript cloak can bend and distort light so that those viewing you instead see what is behind you.

  • Invisibility: Spend a Fate Point. Takes one full turn to activate. You become invisible to those with normal vision for the rest of the scene or until deactivated.
  • While active, you gain a +2 bonus on Reasoning rolls to avoid being detected.

Gremlin Sand
Potency: 2
Power Aspect: Mechanica Disruption Sand
This small container negatively charges sands or other small particles such as ground metal. The negatively charged particles are attracted to energy sources. These particles are pulled inside by the energy source. The Gremlin Sand locks up moving parts, disrupts trace architecture, and pollutes the energy source.

  • Attack Construct: Spend a Fate Point. +6 vs. Endurance or Mechanica; WR + 6. Does not affect Divine Constructs.
  • Device Deconstruction: Spend a Fate Point, extended action (each roll requires a full turn). +6 vs. three times device creator’s Affinity. Each time you roll and fail to reach the target difficulty you take stress equal to the difference between your roll and the target difficulty. Stress incurred is usually due to some form of backlash. Does not affect Divinely powered devices.

Heward’s Handy Haversack
Potency: 5
Power Aspect: Arcane Extra Dimensional Space
This ordinary looking backpack is surprisingly light.

  • This backpack can hold up to 1,000 pounds in weight or 100 cubic feet in volume, but it always weighs only 1 pound.
  • Drawing an item from Heward’s Handy Haversack is a supplemental action.

Icarus Wings, Version 2
Potency: 3
Power Aspect: Metal Mechanica Wings
These metal and canvas wings are strapped to the user’s back. Upon activation, the wings begin to flutter rapidly providing enough lift for up to a normal sized human to fly.

  • You gain the aspect Slow and Clumsy Flight.
  • You can fly at a speed about twice a normal human’s top run speed (+2 bonus to rolls on “Run” or Agility rolls during a chase). However, you may have some trouble making sharp turns and cannot hover.

Jar of Steam
Potency: 3
Power Aspect: Arcane Steam Pot
This clay jar is warm to the touch. When opened, it creates a cloud of steam that fills the area around it.

  • Noxious Fog: Spend a Fate Point, activate with a Free action as part of a simple action of throwing the jar into a zone. You fill a zone you occupy or an adjacent zone with fog, imbuing it with the persistent Aspect Fog(P). The steam is poisonous and has a hazard rating of 3 (see SoF p274 for more on Environmental Hazards). The jar emits the steam for the duration of the scene.

Parker’s Wall Walkers
Potency: 1
Power Aspect: Wondrous Boots and Gloves
A set of shoes and gloves made from the skin of the deadly Giant Leaping Spiders of Sola. With a set of these, climbing most smooth surfaces is a cinch.

  • Wall Walker: Spend a Fate Point to gain the ability to crawl on vertical surfaces, or even on the ceiling, at your normal moving speed.

Shinra’s Goggles
Potency: 3
Power Aspect: Sensory Mechanica Device
These goggles have thick lenses, brass rimmed, and mounted onto a heavy leather strap. On the right side of the goggles is a small unit which controls the filters on the glass, enhancing the wearer’s sight.

  • You gain the persistent Aspect Enhanced Sight(P).
  • Diagnostic Daemon: Once per scene, you may perform an Assessment using your sense of sight as a free action.


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