Hacking Your Consequences

How does Stress impact your character? It is a good idea to name your default Consequences, as it can be used to describe your character. You could stick with the generic consequences of Minor, Major, Severe(P) and so on, but you’d be a boring dill weed. There’s also no real excuse to be that way, since you could just use one of Consequence sets below.

You don’t always have to use your default Consequences, particularly when you’re low on Fate Points and are looking to earn some via Compels. Having easy to compel Consequences are a good way of earning more Fate Points. The practical benefit of a default set of Consequences is you don’t have to come up with a Consequence on the spot each and every time:

Typical Steampunk Adventurer’s Consequences

Physical: Scratched; Tired; Worn(P); Broken(P); Dying(P)
Mental: Distracted; Confused; Flashbacks(P); Despair(P); Catatonic(P)

The typical physical Consequences above suggest the toils of an adventure show, where people in fights don’t really get injured. Their clothes get dirty. At worst, they nurse their shoulder at the end of a fight. Admittedly, the “Tired” Consequence sounds a little boring, but it’s a Consequence an adventurer can easily sleep off and be A-OK the next day. Major Consequence sounds a little more ominous, but doesn’t say all that much vs. something mundane like my adventurer is “Tired.”

Different words paint a different picture. The Brawler’s Consequences below suggest a grittier character who takes the pain and damage. The Delicate One’s Consequences say that the character isn’t very tough and could be compelled differently. A Warrior of Faith’s mental Consequences can be compelled in ways relevant to that character.

A Brawler’s Consequences

Physical: Stung; Injured; Bloodied(P); Crippled(P); Defeated(P)
Mental: Overconfident; Angry; Reckless(P); Berserk(P); Defeated(P)

A Delicate One’s Consequences

Physical: Ouch!; The Pain!; No One Should Suffer So!(P); Is This The End?(P); I’m Dying(P)
Mental: Uneasy; Scared; Paranoid(P); Horrified(P); Crippling Fear(P)

A Mechanist’s Consequences

Physical: Seeing Double; Gimped; Vertigo(P); Internal Bleeding(P); Quadriplegic(P)
Mental: Careless; Trembling; Overwhelmed(P); Devastated(P); Vegetable(P)

A Mastermind’s Consequences

Physical: Flesh Wound; Dazed; Stunned(P); Profuse Bleeding(P); Defeated(P)
Mental: Overconfident; Frustrated; Hysterical(P); Maniacal(P); Catatonic(P)

A Warrior of Faith’s Consequences

Physical: Scathed; Battered; Concussion(P); Maimed(P); Dying(P)
Mental: Stubborn; Insecure; Delusional(P); Hallucinations(P); Loss of Faith(P)


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