The Authority

If there is one thing most people agree on is there is only one divine being who currently holds divine dominion over the world. This being is The Authority. In some regions people call this being The Autarch, The Creator (though most believe he isn’t – ed. clarification), The Deity, or some variant of denoting the most supreme of beings. Beyond the belief that The Authority is the definitive will, there is much debate as to who The Authority is and to what end was his presence drawn to Kiru.

The predominant belief is The Authority descended to Kiru in order to reclaim it from the gods and then remake the world, returning it to the Utopian condition it was in before the gods, who through neglect and infighting damaged the world beyond repair or redemption. However, The Authority is not without mercy and has allowed the mortals of the world an opportunity to show they can return to grace in spite of living in a damaged world. The Remaking was halted, the bleak scars of which remain (see Echogenesis Zones), haunting the earth as a reminder of what shall pass when the world is deemed unrepairable.

While it is clear to most that The Authority is the supreme being of the world, The Arrival of The Authority and the subsequent expulsion of the gods revealed to the people of Kiru that reality is a vast construction far greater than even the most advanced scholars and theorists had imagined. At one time in history, people viewed the gods as the pinnacle, and their realms in the Astral Sea as the furthest reaches of consciousness. The arrival of The Authority from outside the recognized cosmology at that time has led to diverging viewpoints. While the majority accepts The Authority as supreme across all of reality, some who are aware of the vastness of reality and its multi-dimensionality, question what else is out there.

There are many questions and almost no answers. In many places, suggesting anything other than The Authority as the supreme will is considered apostasy, a falling away or rejection of the truth, the vocalization of considered subversive.

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The Expulsed

Prior to the arrival of The Authority in the first year, a pantheon of gods held dominion over the world. The Authority deemed the gods unfit and exiled them from the world. The Expulsed have no power over the world nor do they have divine connection to anyone who seeks them. The severance is absolute.

Small pockets here and there still pay respect The Expulsed, particularly amongst the dwarves, some of who still carry Moradin’s symbol.


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