A century ago, the arcanists of Exelica took the path less taken on Kiru. Where ritual guilds in other city states deemphasized the machine in their ritual engineering, Exelica embraced the possibilities of a machine focus, elevating ritual mechanica to a proper and potent ritual science. Ritual Mechanists and their guilds transformed Exelica from a traditional agrarian Nordglund city state into a metropolis of foundries, machinery, and large guilds vying for power. In the twenty five years since The Arrival, Exelica has evolved technology and understanding tenfold over the previous one thousand years, showing The Authority that Kiru has not run its course and should be preserved. Under the leadership of Monarch Petor Brahmus, Twelve of The Thousand, many see Exelica as the progenitor of a new imperial age on Kiru.

The metropolis was built on three hills, atop a vanquished stone giant warren. Within the hills are rich deposits of ore. The dense urban mass grows each year, cascading down from the three hills to the lowlands around it, seven miles from east to west. Most buildings on the hills are between six and twelve stories tall. Underneath the surface city, an underground rail connects the city.

Citizens of Exelica are proud of their accomplishments. The Monarch enjoys extremely high approval. Like many cities, Exelica has a lingering issue with refugees who poured into the city after having to flee from homelands swallowed up by zones of Echogenesis. Many of them live in the tunnels beneath the city. The refugee issue is a problem on the verge of crisis. Organizations from other cities, agents of The Thousand opposed to Number 12, Petor Brahmus’ faction, have setup bases of operation within Exelica.

Organizational Aspects

  • Defining: A densely populated metropolis.
  • Attitude: An evolutionary dead end? Authority, behold our city!
  • Background: Ritual Mechanists transformed Exelica.
  • Core Purpose: A center of progress.
  • Danger: Fear of an Imperial Exelica.

Influence: 6 (Metropolis), Refresh: 4

Physical Abilities Mental Abilities Social Abilities
Logistics: 3 Craft: 4 Relations: 2
Perception: 2 Knowledge: 3 Connections: 2
Security: 4 Morale: 4 Resources: 4
Stress Track: 10 Stress Track: 10 Stress Track: 8

Asset Aspects

  • Monarch Petor Brahmus, Number 12 (Morale) – Monarch Petor Brahmus is not just the secular ruler of the land, but as one of The Thousand (Number 12), Brahmus is also the spiritual leader of Exelica. He has a thorough Preservationist response to The Authority, upholding the city of Exelica as proof that the mortal world can still progress.
  • Meister Barthes Mendelssohn (Knowledge) – Meister Barthes Mendelssohn, an eladrin, makes many of the secular executive decisions on behalf of The Monarch. The depth of knowledge he possesses is unusual, giving him the ability to quickly understand the issues that Exelica faces.
  • Meister Delphine Elaclea (Craft) – The Meister Delphine Eraclea comes from the land of Astaarlai on the other side of Kiru and is half-elven. She is the current head of The Guild Chamber, a vital role. Exelica is a city of guilds.
  • Tunnels of the Giant Kin (Logistics) – Upon a hill of granite the first lord of the city built Exelica on the conquered remains of a stone giant warren. A complex of tunnels was carved into the granite hill by the giants, which are now used by the city rail system. The tunnels are also a haven for refugees.
  • Public Security Section Nine (Perception) – Section 9 is unknown to the general public. It operates outside of the law and is an unofficial intelligence and anti-crime unit. By charter, they are permitted to act without consent of the Exelican government.
  • The Rolling Behemoth Division (Security) – A heavy armor mobile artillery unit initially created to deal with giant kin assaults on the city and outlying settlements. The mobile heavy armors are a product of Exelica’s advanced ritual mechanica, featuring two armor types, Macetails and Spirehorn armors.
  • Exelican Pride (Morale) – Citizens of Exelica feel as though they live in the best place on Kiru.
  • An Ore Filled Land (Resources) – The foothills and mountains around Exelica are rich with metallic ore.

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