Gear in Exelica

Exelica is like no other state in Kiru. Citizens enjoy a slew of devices and conveniences that citizens of other states must rely on mages and ritual casters to supply.

The Catalog

Exelica has a Technology Level of 3, which is higher than the rest of Kiru. The type of technology that Exelica’s ritual mechanica emulates is the equivalent to the advanced technology of the 19th century on earth. Not all of items that Strands of Fate lists as TL3 are available. For example, a radio is a TL3 item, but the 19th century didn’t have radios, so neither does Exelica, at least radios that are readily available for sale. A radio would be a magic item.

There are intentional anachronisms with steampunk, clockworks and magical technology. Things appear ahead of their time or exist in impossible states. When in doubt, ask on the availability of something.

  1. Apparel, Men
  2. Apparel, Women
  3. Armor
  4. Devices
  5. Firearms
  6. Vehicles

Apparel, Men

The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.
~Mark Twain

According to social convention, a man should wear a coat, vest and hat. To walk around without, when not performing manual labor, is considered impolite. Ignoring the conventions of proper dress sends a strong signal, more-so on Exelica’s hills than in other parts of the world. On very hot summer days, one wouldn’t fault a man for eschewing a jacket when a lady is not present, which is why the vest is an important and often well detailed element of attire. It is the center of a man’s ensemble.

Apparel, Men ER Cost Notes and Aspects
Underclass Rags -1 1 Underclass, -1 to social rolls
Protective Wear +2 3 Working Class, +2 to survive work environment
Working Class Wear N 2 Working Class
Middle Class Daywear N 3 Tailored
Middle Class Eveningwear N 4+ Fashionable, Tailored
Gentleman’s Daywear N 4+ Upper Class, Tailored
Genteman’s Eveningwear N 5+ Upper Class, Fashionable(P), Tailored

A majority of men of the working and middle classes purchase their clothing from a traditional tailor who inherited his or her craft from their parents. Gentlemen of the upper classes can afford the more luxurious items from the influential Apparel Houses which set the trends that the tailors of the middle class try to follow. Fortunately for the family tailor, men’s apparel rarely undergoes any significant change from year to year.


Apparel, Women

Clothes can suggest, persuade, connote, insinuate, or indeed lie, and apply subtle pressure while their wearer is speaking frankly and straightforwardly of other matters.
~Anne Hollander

Remember that always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead.
~Susan Catherine

Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women.
~Elsa Schiaparelli

Apparel, Men ER Cost Notes and Aspects
Underclass Rags -1 1 Underclass, -1 to social rolls
Thrift Store Wardrobe N 2 Thrift
Working Class Wear N 2 Working Class
Protective Wear +1 3 Working Class, +1 to survive work environment
Lingerie N 2 Intimacy
Corset N 1 Restricting
Young Woman’s Suit N 4 Bold
Middle Class Daywear N 4 Tailored
Middle Class Eveningwear N 5+ Fashionable, Tailored
Upper Class Daywear N 5+ Upper Class, Fashionable, Tailored
Upper Class Eveningwear N 6+ Upper Class, Fashionable(P), Tailored

Img 0043In the question of what to wear, the women of Exelica have many options and enjoy far greater scrutiny for it. Day wear has grown less extravagant, less confining, and less restrictive of movement in recent years, even among the upper classes, with formal sport and riding dress seen as acceptable day wear. The style rules for having a specific mode of dress for walking along the shore and having a different mode of dress for walking in a garden are falling by the wayside.

Among the generation of women stepping into adulthood, it is also fashionable during the day to wear a man’s jacket, vest, and slacks tailored for the female body or other more whimsical combinations of traditional female attire, menswear, and work gear. Such a woman still garners attention for bucking tradition, but it is no longer scandalous to do so. This appears to coincide with the increasing prominence of women in the military. Whether there is a correlation is debatable, but it is further evidence of the changing role of women in the society that appears to be spreading out from Exelica to the rest of Kiru.

However much the change in women’s fashion serves as an indicator that a woman’s role in society and society itself is changing, the reality of her station is far less ideal.



ARMOR n. The kind of clothing worn by a man whose tailor is a blacksmith.
~Ambrose Bierce

In addition to the Leather, Chain, Scale and Plate Armor found in the Strands of Fate manual, there are articles of clothing which provide some protection from physical stress and standard armor crafted with higher grade materials.

Reinforced Clothing AR TL Cost Notes and Aspects
Leather Duster +0 3 2 Has 2 Stress Boxes
Mesh Backed Vest +0 3 4 Has 3 Stress Boxes; Inconspicuous

Reinforced clothing gives one a small degree of extra protection when wearing traditional armor would prove inconvenient or unseemly. Still, a professional needs some protection while brokering deals, chasing down leads, or tailing a mark. The Leather Duster and Meshed Backed Vest are articles of clothing which are heavier than their normal counterparts, weighing about as much as a suit of traditional leather armor, but pass as normal clothing.

Masterwork Armor AR TL Cost Notes and Aspects
Reinforced Leather Armor +2 2 4 Has 3 Stress Boxes
Drake Skin Armor +3 2 6 Has 4 Stress Boxes
Viridium Scale +4 2 6 Has 5 Stress Boxes, Bulky
Mithril Scale +4 2 7 Has 5 Stress Boxes
Viridium Plate +5 2 6 Has 6 Stress Boxes, Restricting(P)
Mithril Plate +5 2 8 Has 6 Stress Boxes, Bulky

The armors listed above are in addition to the regular armors found in the Strands of Fate handbook. These are mundane armors. Outside of the city guard, armor is rarely worn by citizens and frowned upon, creating negative reaction modifiers for social interaction.



Empires1 sm

Pistols WR Range TL Cost Notes and Aspects
Pfefferbox Flintlock +2 1 3 2 Slow Firing(P), Small
Eisenkugel Flintlock +3 1 3 3 Slow Firing(P), Small
.52 Flintlock Dueling Pistol +3 1 3 4 Slow Firing(P), Small, Stylish
Marengo D-Egg Triple +4 1 3 5 Slow Firing(P), Small, Stylish
.27 Bayonetta +2 1 3 2 Melee option, Hard to Aim, Limited Ammo, Unreliable, Small
.32 Pfefferbox +3 1 3 2 Hard to Aim, Limited Ammo, Unreliable, Small
.38 “Blau” Montag +3 2 3 3 Limited Ammo, Small
.451 Montag +4 2 3 4 Limited Ammo, Small

A Note on the Availability of Pistols
Flintlocks, which are noted by the Slow Firing(P) Aspect, are widely available to citizens of Exelica, though few citizens carry a sidearm with them in their day-to-day lives. Firearms are typically kept in the home and present in most sufficiently well-off dwellings.

While there is no special license required to own a revolver, military and law enforcement guild orders consume the supply of revolvers leaving none for general sale for the next several years. The black market, of course, is a solution for anyone seeking a revolver, but the price will be higher than indicated above.


Pfefferbox and Eisenkugel make serviceable, relatively inexpensive firearms and produce them in larger quantities than most gun makers. Constables, guards of the various guilds are sometimes equipped with Pfefferbox or Eisenkugel Flintlocks.

The .52 Flintlock Dueling Pistol is the consummate gentleman’s sidearm. These dueling pistols, crafted by the master eladrin gunsmiths of the plainly named Gun Workshop, are much sought after as minor status symbols for their fine wood treatment and detailed metal plates. However, the ultimate in terms of over-the-top style is the workshop’s Marengo D-Egg Triple. Good luck attempting to reload that bad-girl in a firefight.


The .27 Bayonetta can be used as a dagger if it fails to fire; the attached blade gives it an odd balance which interferes with aiming the weapon. Pfefferbox makes the standard issue revolver, the .32 Pfefferbox. The .32 Pfefferbox hammer mechanism occasionally locks up and isn’t very accurate.

Montag manufactures two revolvers, the Blau Montag and the .451 Montag. These are the newest models on the market. The Rolling Behemoth division has commissioned a new order of Blau Montags as the issued sidearm for Behemoth officers.


Gear in Exelica

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