A Malevolent Apparatus

Bandage Man

Other Business

Hard Rain

In spite of heavy psychic interference and a heavy rain, Delic tracked down The Bandaged Man to an optometrist’s shop in the most run down section of Howard Philips Station. The optometrist was an old run-down place, next to blighted row home with illithid graffiti on the inside. While casing the optometrist, Delic, Scratch and Stavian were also being watched, but were unable to corner the invisible lurker. Eventually, the optometrist and some of the squatters in the blighted building vacated their premises.

Scratch forced open the back door of the optometrist’s shop. The back room contained a desk, a typewriter (a Lorenz 131), and a hatch leading to a cellar that contained a summoning circle scratched into the earth. As they were examining the circle, the Lorenz 131 began typing a message. Stavian sat at the desk and responded to it. The being at the other end asked about the bookstore that was burned down and if “the brat” had found any of his brothers.

The bandaged man ambushed Scratch. An enraged Scratch climbed up the slick walls in the pouring rain and clawed at The Bandaged Man who almost pushed Scratch to the brink of losing his mind, but then Stavian flung The Bandaged Man off the roof and Scratch jumped three stories down to claw him to death. Now it became a task for Delic to keep Scratch from killing their adversary. Meanwhile, they could hear some sort of creature trying to break through the floor. Stavian and Delic manage to drag a sleeping Scratch and a nearly dead Bandaged Man back to the AST headquarters.

Invoking for Effect

Invoking for effect can be more useful than simply using Fate Points for a +2 bonus or a reroll. Part of the fight with The Bandaged Man took place outside where there was a Raining Hard aspect on the scene. If you were in the downpour and hadn’t been hit yet, I’d agree with invoking Raining Hard to say the secondary attack from its Balefire Attack wouldn’t go off unless the attack generated Spin. Why? The secondary mental attack as a result of being bathed in flame. You could say you’re too soaked to catch on fire, at least on the first hit or hadn’t been hit in a while. It’s a way of using the situation to your advantage.

Granted, Scratch didn’t really have a chance to do this since he wasn’t in the rain at the time he was ambushed. But, throwing it out there as something that could have been done if the situation arose. Though I supposed he could have declared himself Drenched from being out in the rain for an hour, which I didn’t even think of until right now, but might have kept Scratch from going into a Severe(P) mental consequence right away.

Part of the reason I spell it out in a post is to let you know I intend for stuff like that to work, but in the thick of rolling the dice…sometimes I just want to hit you in the face and might be prone to be over-limiting, when I should be saying, “good idea!” I mean, I do have to veto effects with tenuous plausibility to keep it “honest,” but at the same time I don’t want to veto them for the wrong reasons.

Persistent Aspects

Invoking persistent Aspects for effect still requires a Fate Point (not free as I’d been using it). It’s still free to invoke/compel for a bonus or re-roll. This makes sense, since invoking for effect can be more powerful than a bonus/re-roll. Plus, when you place a Severe(P) consequence, it means you actually have a use for the free invoke you gain from placing a persistent Aspect on someone. Last night, there was that one red chip sitting on Scratch’s Severe(P) consequence that seemed useless, but now makes sense to have. So I should have paid another FP or two to have kept Scratch running around in an aimless psychotic rage.


What I thought was going to be a quick physical conflict, wound up being a somewhat complicated battle that took some time. It was the kind of time I didn’t mind spending, because it turned out where each person’s turn changed the landscape of the conflict.

Delic, Scratch and Stavian get +4XP.



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