A Malevolent Apparatus

Blood Pool, part 2

Job 006.2

Morning News

Korolev phoned the All Star Troubleshooters first thing in the morning. He wanted a face-to-face meeting with Specs.

On their way to the Pegasus Hangar, they spy a news sheet, proclaiming the murder of Colonel Wernher von Braun had been solved. The paper proclaimed that the Agathonian refugee died in a fire last night while attempting to murder the lead investigator. The cover up was being set in place.

Be The Second

Korolev was impressed with Specs ability to quickly identify and solve a problem that had eluded the engineers who were previously on the project, so he offered Specs the position as The Second on the Pegasus Project. Through some eavesdropping on Hans’ part, it became clear that Korolev was instructed to offer Specs the position in order to keep him occupied with the project, rather than the investigation. Specs accepted the offer. It was a full-time position and he would no longer be able to run the AST. Hans managed to worm his way in as Specs’ assistant.

Glass Meadow

That night, Hans tailed Korolev all the way to Snow Court, the district where many of Exelica’s eladrin make their home. Snow Court is an upper class district, high on Mending Hill’s west side. Public features of Snow Court are the Hall of Records, Sominir Opera House, and The Glass Meadow Botanical Garden.

Korolev entered Glass Meadow. It was closed down for the night, so Hans found all the doors locked. Left with no other option, he found himself crawling through the garbage chute to get inside. He crept to just outside the rose room and listened to Korolev speak with an eladrin male. Korolev was happy to have Specs on board the project, but warned about Hans who was asking him questions. The eladrin said he’d deal with the problem.

Showdown at AST HQ

With Hans hanging from the back of the coach, the eladrin made his way down Mending Hill, through the southern flats, and into the Howard-Phillips, the run-down neighborhood which the AST called home. When the coach came to a stop in front of HQ, Hans climbed to the top of the coach ready to pounce on the eladrin, but the stink of Hans’ feet coupled with the rotten stink of decayed plant matter from the garbage chute gave his position away.

The eladrin blinked to the top of an apartment building and launched a fireball down at the coach. Miraculously, Hans rolled over to the safe side of the coach to avoid the explosion. The driver was less fortunate. Hans runs into the apartment and starts climbing stairs. Meanwhile, Specs arrives on the scene and walks into the office, seeing Josephine calmly talking on the phone (calling Hughes). He shakes his head, tells her to go someplace sage, and enters his workshop.

Hans opens the door to the rooftop, which was on fire, and rushes through the flames to impale the eladrin with his electro-static dagger. Specs opens the window to his workshop, lifts up a grappling gun and zip-lines up to an adjacent rooftop. The eladrin tries to hurl Hans into the fire, but the kid side-steps the attack and bull-rushes both himself and the eladrin off the roof. Specs shoots his grappling gun again, creating a line which Hans wrapped his Shadow Cloak around to safely slide down toward the ground. The eladrin was not so fortunate and died on impact.

Pegasus Project

Korolev was later arrested as part of the conspiracy to murder Von Braun. He and Captian Ulenda (the eladrin) murdered Von Braun to move the Pegasus Project forward, which had grown stagnant under Von Braun. The impending war meant they couldn’t wait for due process to fire Von Braun, who was adept at manipulating bureaucrats. Specs moved from Second to First on the Pegasus Project.

Game Stuff

We’ll advance six months in game time, so tell me the most important thing your character did in that time.

There are a few things I’m going to either change or define about the system as we move forward. One minor thing is Consequences. When you create your character, you should hack a default Consequence set, rather than trying to come up with individual ones during play. Sometimes, you really don’t have any good ideas in the spur of the moment and it can grind things to a halt while you try to think of one. Minor, Major, etc., don’t really say anything. Take a look at Hacking Your Consequences. There are some sets there you can use if you don’t want to come up with one.

Present Characters: XP + 4


Delic helps out our wayward female friend with her family. After that, Delic spends lots of time observing Rockman. Betrayal is such a powerful human emotion for Delic to observe.

I’ll be starting this next segment with a new character.

Blood Pool, part 2

Are we still going to be running missions as the AST, or will there be some other correlation in place, or does that need to be discussed?

Blood Pool, part 2

The AST is still going. With a 6 month advance in time, when we pick up it’s basically Season Two of the AST. Either things chug along as expected or a shake-up happens.

Blood Pool, part 2

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