Mucrep Vfrindi Solreis of Hertage


8 strength, 12 constitution, 12 dexterity, 20 intelligence, 10 wisdom, 14 charisma

AC 16, Fort 12, Reflex 16, Will 16

Skills: Arcana +13, Bluff +8 Dungeoneering +6, History +13, Intimidate +8, Nature +6

Feat: Improved Initiative, Twist the Arcane Fabric

At-Will: Beguiling Strands, Hypnotism, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Magic Missile
Encounter: Fey Step, Suggestion, Static Mote, Illusory Obstacles
Daily: Phantom Chasm, Root Understanding


Reis was born Solreis, of the Vfrindi family, a Mucrep (noble-landowner) of the Hertage region, near Flonne. As was the tradition, he was taught the arcane arts by Kernas Sierus, the 9th-generation court wizard for the Vfrindis. Sierus taught Reis the arts of enchantment, as a blunt instrument wielded to get people to do what you wanted or give you the information you needed. The Vfrindi family had grown powerful by secretly planting suggestions in people’s heads about turning over property and valuables after their deaths, and from prying information from unsuspecting people about rival nobles’ plans. Reis excelled in his training, and looked forward to increasing his family’s power through the arts once he became the man of the house.

The other nobles were not without their tricks. Surely it was one of them, in order to keep the Vfrindi family off-balance, who had commenced the services of Gruus Pertuk, a half-orc thug who would occasionally show up within the Vfrindi manor to wreak havoc. Gruus was an idiot who couldn’t form a complete sentence if his life depended on it, but he knew how to hit hard with a flail, and how to destroy or steal valuables. Reis had encountered Gruus in the manor on several occasions, and despite his magic prying, could not force any information out of him — either he didn’t know who had hired him, or it had been wiped from his puny brain. Then Gruus would disappear — the noble must have given Gruus a magic item to whisk him away if he was incapacitated.

Sierus devised a plan to stop Gruus. A magic helm was left in a place where Gruus would see and take it. Sierus could then locate the item ritually, would know where Gruus was, and we could confront him there with no escape other than death. Gruus did come, and took the bait. When he teleported away, Sierus found that he teleported to Ninei, a small city about 2 days east of Vigrid. Reis was sent, along with some hired help, to dispose of Gruus. One day away from Ninei, the Arrival began. Reis and his men waited it out, then went back to Hertage. They found the region enclosed in what would later be described as an Echogenesis Zone. One of the henchmen touched the echogenesis, and instantly went mad. The other henchmen fled. Reis tried his enchanting magic on the mad henchmen, to try to bring him out of his insanity. Their minds briefly touched, and Reis got a brief glimpse of the reality of the echogenesis, opening a permanent psychic channel in his mind. The henchmen went into a coma, but Reis found he could now create a static mote — a brief instance of his interpretation of the echogenesis.

Reis travelled to the city of Vigris, to see what news people had of the events that had transpired. He found little in the way of answers. Reis joined a research group (The Echographers), working on understanding the echogenesis. The project leader, Tahtgui Heidoess, was another enchanter. Reis and Tahtgui soon formed a great friendship, where Tahtgui mentored Reis and, over the next few years, completed his training. Tahtgui emphasized the responsibility of magic, and brought morals into Reis’ otherwise unscrupulous life.

Now, many years later, Reis is still frustrated by the lack of true understanding of the echogenesis. He has been forced to work for things, as opposed to the lush life he experienced in Hertage. His nobility is useless to him, although he still introduces himself as such. Reis secretly wishes The Authority would have just finished the job He started, and Reis has a loose affiliation with a religious following that shares that wish. He will work towards understanding the echogenesis, so he can either dismiss it, enter it, or finish what The Authority started and blanket Kiru in it, creating a utopia.


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