Ullern "Zap" Keirnsen

Annoying, Electrifying Infiltrator Extraordinaire


Defining Aspect: Annoying, Electrifying Infiltrator Extraordinaire
Conviction Aspect: The Nameless, Faceless Legend
Racial Aspect: Powerful Ambition
Racial Aspect: Discover It, Conquer It, Map It
Character Aspect: My List of Personas
Character Aspect: Master of the 3rd Dimension
Character Aspect: Always on the Lookout, Because They ARE Out to Get Me
Specialty Aspect: Survived a Lightning Strike (Endurance)
Specialty Aspect: Exelican Merchant Companies (Resources)

Alertness 5, Stealth 5
Deceit 4
Burglary 3, Investigation 3, Endurance 3
Resolve 2, Rapport 2
Resources 1

2AP: Use Alertness as affinity

Free: Hide in Plain Sight → +2 to hide in a stationary position
Free: Shadow → +2 to follow another person unseen
Free: Master of Disguise → +2 to disguise yourself, or remain disguised
Free: Fast Talker → +2 to convince another person to believe what you say, truth or lie
1AP: Group Stealth → While in the same zone and not moving, allies may use my Stealth
1AP: Won’t Know What Hit ’Em → Substitute Deceit for Weapons when attacking an ambushed target

1AP Wall Walker (Strenuous)
2AP Teleport Self (Precision, Offered, “charge up”, “no peeking”, Requires a FP)
1AP Evolved Teleport Self (Blink, “the mind makes it real”, “no peeking”, Requires a FP)
1AP Evolved Teleport Self (Blink, Precision, “no peeking”)
1AP Evolved Teleport Self (Blink, Line of Sight, Hyper-Motion, “dodge”, 1-zone max distance)
2AP Power Tricks (Strenuous, Adept Trickster, Master Trickster, range limited to same zone)


“No Peeking” ( -2 Limitation): The ability to teleport to a arbitrary place is extremely rare, and a skill highly watched over by Kiru’s Merchant Companies. Should somebody be discovered to have such powers, and that information brought to the attention of a merchant company, the person is generally followed. Should that person affiliate themselves with another Merchant Company, that person is generally assassinated.

While most uncivilized people, monsters, etc. have no affiliation (or idea of) Kiru’s merchant companies, many Exelicans (and some residents of other cities) have direct or indirect interaction with merchant companies. Such a person might bring up that rare teleportation sighting (although not necessarily “trained” or required to do so) in conversation, resulting in a more focused inquiry, and the teleporter (eventually) being trailed. The merchant companies also have many permanent and contract employees; should one of them witness a teleportation, their contract with the merchant companies generally requires them to report the incident (most Eladrin don’t use their inherent teleportation ability willy-nilly, so they are still reported, but generally those reports are not followed).

Long Story Short: if somebody sees Zap teleport, they might report it, and somebody might be sent out to kill him.
“Charge Up” ( -2 Conditional Trigger): Zap must spend one round in deep focus per each point of sympathy modifier, while searching his mind’s eye for his destination. During this time, he may go slightly translucent, shimmer, or exhibit other visual effects that make it obvious that something extraordinary is happening. At the conclusion of his search, there is a bright flash, and he is gone.
“The Mind Makes it Real” ( +1 Modifier): Zap can stop any inertia associated with his body during a teleport, preventing damage that would occur as a result. However, his mind cannot process this alteration, and Zap automatically takes a composure consequence.
“Dodge” ( +2 Modifier): Zap can use a short-range teleport to avoid an attack. To onlookers, it looks like he just moved incredibly fast. Gain a +3 bonus to defense against this single, non-area attack.
Some uses for Zap’s Power Tricks:
+ Break a Lock, or damage a more complicated machine: Structurally Unsound
+ Prevent the Mechanical Action of a device: Locked Down
+ Start a small fire
+ Short out an Electrical System: Electrically Overcharged
+ Make myself or an object an unappealing target to touch: Shocking to the Touch

Ullern Keirnsen’s powers came to the attention of two member groups of the Pibb Consortium. The Red Guard, a third member, took it upon themselves to eliminate Ullern, so their competitors could not use his services. They tried to assassinate Zap with contracted killers; those killers narrowly failed (but thought they actually killed Ullern). Ullern then hired the AST to help him to “lay low”. After a while, there was no longer anyone watching for Ullern, and he emerged from hiding.

Ullern can no longer use the persona which was his life until that point, so never goes by “Ullern” anymore. He has many, many other names now. The AST gave up on keeping track after awhile and just refer to him as “Zap”.

Zap’s goal is to become legendary through his deeds — to be a cautionary tale that safe-makers and security-planners will quietly pass along when they discuss how to stop the unstoppable.

Ullern "Zap" Keirnsen

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