All-Star Troubleshooters

Who You Are

You are an extraordinary character living in the culturally and technologically advanced city-state of Exelica. The organization you belong to is the All-Star Troubleshooters, a fledgling recovery service located near Howard-Phillips Station, a neighborhood in “the flats” of Render Hill, a somewhat unglamorous neighborhood off of the middle of the city’s three hills.

Organizational Aspects

  • Defining: Fledgling Recovery Service
  • Attitude:
  • Background:
  • Core Purpose:
  • Danger:

Influence: 1 (Unit), Refresh: 0

Physical Abilities Mental Abilities Social Abilities
Logistics: - Craft: - Relations: -
Perception: - Knowledge: - Connections: -
Security: - Morale: - Resources: -
Stress Track: - Stress Track: - Stress Track: -

Asset Aspects

Campaign Links and Notes


  • Dostovoy, Pol (Job 001)
  • Strange, Edgar (Job 002) – Hans still keeps in contact with the Pastor, who lives in Pegasus Station.

Foes and Rivals


Organizations and Factions

All-Star Troubleshooters

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