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  • Gestalt – Characters with an Alter-Ego.
  • Servant – A supernatural being grants you power.



A Malevolent Apparatus is a FATE 3.0 grab bag. It is a thing in progress that borrows the powers system of Strands of FATE for much of the crunch. There is also the pilfering of ideas from Kerberos Club FATE Edition and the tech of presenting of skills in the format they’re in from Bulldogs! FATE Edition and probably some subtle things from The Dresden Files RPG that I am not remembering, but no less of an influence.

Also, I’ve been a bit of a douche, using the convenience of Google search to find great images for this wiki. I only learned late in the game to start naming the jpegs with the artists name in it. Still doesn’t change the fact that permission wasn’t granted and am being very liberal in the interpretation of fair use.

Main Page

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