Malevolent Skills



Byluismelo Skills are the way your character interacts with and changes the game world. Any time there’s a question of whether or not your character can successfully do what you want, a skill roll is called for. Use a skill to:

  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Make an Assessment
  • Make a Declaration
  • Place a Maneuver
  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Block

Specific skill descriptions illustrate how the skill is most often used. For example, some skills like Alertness are almost never used to Overcome Obstacles. Attacking with Academics describes a different action than attacking with Weapons. Naturally, some skills are more niche than others. It’s perfectly fine to not have any ranks in several skills. Characters without any ranks in a skill are considered Mediocre (+0) in that skill, rather than being unable to use that skill.

Skills rank from Mediocre +0, Average +1, Solid +2, Impressive +3, Great +4, Superb +5.

Normal Skills

Skill Trappings
Alertness Avoid Surprise, Combat Initiative, Passive Awareness, Ranged Defense
Athletics Climb, Dodge, Falling, Jump, Sprint, Other Physical Actions
Burglary Casing, Infiltrating, Lockpicking
Contacting Gather Information, Knowing People, Rumor Mongering
Deceit Bluffs, Disguise, Distraction, Misdirection
Education Declare Minor Details, Info Dumping, History, Languages
Empathy Reading People, Someone to Lean On, Social Defense
Endurance Long Term Action, Fortitude, Resist Environmental Hazards
Fists Brawling, Close-Combat Defense, Natural Weapons
Engineering Break, Build, Fix, Invent
Guns Bang-Bang and Other Projectile Weapons
Intimidation Interrogation, Provocation, Social Attacks, Threats
Investigation Eavesdropping, Examination, Surveillance
Might Breaking Things, Exerting Force, Wrestling
Mysteries Echogenesis Lore, Supernatural Phenomena, The Expulsed, The Old Ones
Performance Art, Composition, Playing to an Audience
Pilot Airships, Auto Carriages, Motorads, Terrain Walkers
Presence Command, Reputation, Social Fortitude
Rapport Conversation, First Impressions, Opening Up, Closing Down, Social Defense
Resolve Concentration, Courage, Mental Fortitude, Self-Control
Resources Equipment, Facilities, Lifestyle, Spending Money
Science Lab Work, Medicine, Science!
Stealth Hide, Skulk, Ambush
Survival Animal Handling, Camouflage, Hunting, Gathering, Riding, Shelter, Tracking
Weapons Melee Weapon Attacks, Melee Defense, Thrown Weapons

Malevolent Skills

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